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  2. Falling in Love #119 (1970)

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    By Ruby [tumblr | twitter | instagram]

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    Amy Lawless, from the Advice to Young Poets series

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  10. Yes Mr. Fallada, Everybody Dies Alone

    And then I thought I needed space
    Now I can’t stop but stare at his face
    As he ignores my thirst for attention
    He thinks he’s a hustler with no time for affection

    I thought I ended a love so mundane
    I thought I’d never have to depend on myself again

    I just have to get used to being alone
    Get used to spending my time on my smart phone

    I don’t think I’ll ever find love again
    I should’ve known that these things are so vain

    I should just get used to being by myself
    Get used to crying and having no help

    He told me to share my problems and that I shouldn’t keep my distance
    His indifference proves that I should get used to absence


  11. Super Best Friendcast Episode 36

    1. Pat: I flunked the fuck out of macro-economics
    2. Liam: That's why you're a psychiatrist
    3. Pat: I'm not a psychiatrist
    4. Liam: Tell me how that makes you feel.

  12. Liam: Look how many times my chainsaw hits

    Matt: Yeah i know. The fred durst is coming in really useful here

    Liam: Why do you keep calling it the fred durst

    Matt: Because you’re too young to know what that means

    Liam: I know..shut up. Don’t make jokes before I was born. Don’t talk about the soviet union

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